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I'm Gerard Pommier the owner of Evolutionary Fitness. I'm a ISSA/NASM and CPR certified trainer. I've been training all ages and shapes and lifestyles of people for over 20 years. My business has been located here in San Rafael for 4 and half years now and my passion is helping people get in shape and get healthy both physically and mentally. I specialize in fast results and overall wellness not just intense workouts. I combine both your nutrition and your training to help you achieve your goals and to attain the body you always dreamed of. I'm here to help you and inspire you and to hold you accountable so we can get the results you desire. I enjoy working with all shapes and sizes both young and old and I have a deep passion to help everyone get into the best shapes of their lives. Let's evolve together.

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Phone 415-786-0969

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